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的一个&M-商务 Planetarium is located on the first floor of the McFarland Science Building and is home to a Digistar 7 all-digital projection system in a 40-foot dome, providing amazing sights and sounds for audiences of all ages.


The planetarium is open to the public for regular planetarium shows on 周五晚7点.m. 8p.m.

  • Each show lasts approximately 50 minutes, 从现场开始, interactive presentation of the current night sky where constellations, stars and planets are shown.


Additional shows and times can be found on the 时间表.



All visitors are welcome to make reservations by 12 p.m. 在周五 however reservations are no longer required with the lifting of COVID restrictions. To make a reservation, please call the office at 903.468.8650 to speak to one of our staff or email (电子邮件保护)

If you are unable to reach a staff member, please leave your name, callback number, showtime (7 p.m. 或者8p.m.) and the number of tickets requested. A callback can be requested by emailing (电子邮件保护) with your party's name and number 12点之前.m. 在周五.


票 are $5 per person for each member of your party.


The Planetarium is offering private group reservations outside of the public shows offered 在周五 evenings. A private show includes a night sky presentation and any one show from the 显示目录. If you would like to reserve a private group, please contact the office at 903.468.8650或电邮 (电子邮件保护). The cost of a single private show is $5 per person for groups of 10 or more and $50 for groups fewer than 10.

For a movie night facility rental, please call our office for more details. The charges for a movie night are $75 for a 2-hour period. Additional charges are applied for anything more than two hours. You are responsible for providing your own movie via DVD or Blu-ray. We reserve the right to decline any movie that is not considered “family-friendly.”


The planetarium is located in the McFarland Science Building of the A&M-商务 campus, located approximately 65 miles northeast of the 达拉斯 metroplex.

From 达拉斯, take Interstate 30 east. Exit to Highway 50/24 (exit 101) and proceed approximately 10 miles north to 商务. The first intersection/stoplight is Culver and Hwy 50/24, turn right toward the east and prepare to take the first turn left turn on Neal Street. Continue straight on Neal Street which will end at the McFarland Science Building. Signs have been posted for directions beginning at the intersection of Culver and Hwy 50/24.

物理地址:2201 W. Neal St, 商务, TX 75428

All personal vehicles are required to complete and print a 免费访客停车证 for all visits other than Friday night public shows.

Please utilize parking lots 16, 18 and 19 on the 校园地图 found at the link below for all parking. 停车 in Lot 35 is extremely limited during regular business hours.

Please allow extra time 停车 and to purchase tickets. For the comfort and safety of all our visitors, once the planetarium doors are closed, late admission is not permitted.


For the comfort and safety of all planetarium visitors, we request that all visitors comply with the following policies:

  • No late admission to the planetarium, once the show begins, the 大门将继续关闭 for the comfort and safety of all visitors.
  • Please enter from either Culver or Neal Street, and use parking lots 16, 18, or 19 as noted on the 校园地图 停车.
  • 所有手机都必须如此 关闭 before entering the planetarium. The phones can interfere with the wireless system used to run the program.
  • No food or drinks in the planetarium, including gum and candy.
  • The Planetarium’s maximum seating capacity is 81 visitors. We are required to remain strictly within those limits.
  • The Planetarium is wheelchair accessible. Please see the seating guide below for accessible pathways. Our office is happy to accommodate special requests and can be reached at 903.468.8650.



  • P.O. 3011箱
  • 商务,德克萨斯州75429-3011

For a recorded message providing show information and times, call 903.468.8652.